What is CRM?CRM Programı

  • Serve the right goods&service to the right customer with the right price at the right place and the right time.
  • It manages only the customer based business philosophy and culture also efficiently marketing / sale and service process.
  • It is a business strategy that keeps the long period and profitable customer relations. 
  • Knowing the customer, understanding the customer necessity, developing the appropriate services and products and sharing it in the organization. 

CRM Programı

Turn It To The Opportunity

CRM turns the power of the internet to the business profitability and customer satisfaction. You can see the profits and the costs of the sale projects by recording the expenses of the action. You can follow the sale crew activities in the common agenda,visit your customers,report the visiting results. CRM provides you to manage the sale process from the beginnig by viewing the all activities. Symetrical Management of the Customer Relations and Evaluation of the Sale Opportunities are the many things of increasing the sale.


CRM Programı



Save the Time 

After the conversation and suggestion stages,you can send the registers to the opportunities menu and you can define the categories or situations for them. You can view the sales of the staff that creating the opprtunity,you can take the reports according to the staff,category and mode of the opportunity.