Lojistik Programı


      In the work of a baker sector is a tiring work. Running an oven looks like easy but it is difficult. Webticari is with the bakers at this point, it has presented the oven automation to the bakers to lower the burden of them. Webticari has been developed for the bakers, its usage is extremely easy and useful software. You can do the shipment to the customers, print the receipt and invoice in the car, general invoice, order with the portable terminal from the vehicles and collection actions according to the daily order plan or special order list fast and practically. 


Oven Automation and Shipment

Lojistik Programı     Manage the daily product forwarding to the sections, Fast and new product entrance from the shipment screen, Making the section fast purchase price changes from the shipment screen, Following the vehicle cash box from the shipment screen, Horizontal shipment screen, Have the opportunity to see the distribution units shipments as consolidated, Possibility to group the sections, products in the shipment, Following of the yesterday's product and vehicle kilometer in the Shipment and the Service notebook, Make the Shipment screen and the informations special for the user, Transfer from the screen to the printer and to Excel. 


 Product, Refund, Wastage Following and many easiness... 

Follow the how many product belongs to the related person with the product shipment folloing

Possibility to sale with barcode or by hand with the department sale

You can take the momentary information about the production of your all products, refund, amounts in the cars and the lost amount with the last situation report.

Adding the production, shipment to the cars and taking the refund from the cars, warnings and preventing to make the fault by showing the product amount

Staff operation analysis with the staff-based reporting, you can see the staff has sold the product. 

You can learn all the informations about the product with the product-based reporting from the manufacture to the sale.  

You can see the department sale daily, monthly, annual or between the two dates with the department sale report. 

You can direct the development of the programme according to the street hawker's demands. 

Easy, useful sale and production actions