Fırıncı Programı


     It is developed for the ovens and very easy programme. There are Customer Following, Waybill and Invoice parts in the Oven Automation. You can use it as multiple users. Also you can follow your staff's prepayment actions on the programme. You can make out a waybill quickly by grouping your customers. You can definediscount definitions to your customers separately. 


     Oven and Mealy Products Automation is developed for the bakers. You can follow the bread and the other mealy products amount actions, Fırıncı Programıbread amouonts giving to the bread distribution vehicles, refund, waste amount of the bread. You can sale with barcode or without barcode so you can have many opportunities about staff and product based report. This is the first programme. 




Fırıncı ProgramıAll Sections Are In Your Hands

     You can define many actions such as limitless amount product, customer, supplier, staff, bank, special card, warehouse, section and shipment vehicle with Oven and Mealy Product Automation for your business. You can group your customers having more than one section (markets, crammers, canteens etc.) under a main firm. You can follow the statement following only separately also collectively through current unification way. If you have more than one oven and mealy production output and sale place, you can follow many actions such as production, daily service, order, daily receipts&expenses, daily and cash box. you can do that only separately also one centre. You can access your accounts that you access the internet, follow the business situation. 

Can You Follow the Produced Bread?

Following the daily sale, expense and the other incoming registers, staff salary statement, cheque/bond, and everything

Calculation unit and fixed cost 

Following the equipment and warehouse

Creating the product receipt

Following the amount of the spending to the product according to the product receipt

Product transfer between the sections and controlling the machine tool sale

Controlling and following of the products loaded to the vehicles from the sections

Following the products loaded to the vehicles, sold products and the rest of them

Following the staff statement

Calculation the scoring and the progress

Following the staff prepayment

Invoice and waybill

Making out an invoice and waybill to the distribution unit sections

Making out a waybill with amount and without amount

Facility of making out a collected invoice (editing the waybills cut as an invoice)

Circulation invoice

Taking over the staff, section, product, decimal and distribution units to make the circulations quickly

Multiple descriptions


Using more than one user facility on the network

Only imaging authorization

Using the module authorization

Advanced reporting skill

Possibility of transferring Excel