Webticari Restoran Programı

Tablet Application

     You can do all your actions like bill in a restaurant and all commercial actions practically with Webticari Cafe Pub Restaurant Following Programme in the business like cafe, pub and restaurant. Because it is easy and understandable. You can serve the eating and drinking to the table that you want. You can apply the discount to the table taht you want, and you can print the bill in a restaurant when your customer wants the account. 


Webticari Restoran Programı



   You can apply the payments as cash and credit card. Your waitress doesn't need to send the orders to the kitchen via send the information to the kitchen programme, you can print the order information automatically. So you can perform the order following perfectly and fast. Cafe Pub Restaurant Following Programme isn't same like the other accounting and pre accounting programmes. Our programme doesn't have any complex situation like the other accounting programmes. 


Webticari Restoran Programı

Bill In A Restaurant Actions

     Even a user that he has never used the computer and had any accounting information can use the webticari restaurant application easily. You can make the bill in a restaurant actions and all commercial actions perfectly and practically. You can enter the changes like cancel, hospitality and not payed on the taking orders by using the portabel terminal. 

     You can enter the payment of the bill in a restaurant in the programme according to the money amount and you can save the time taking the rest of the money automatically.