Teknik Servis Programı


Scheduling Technical Service Staff


     The staff that will do the business from the admittance stage to the delivery one of the products taking to the service is very important. Don't forget to define the technician during the staff definitions. There are many actions from the admittance of the product to the delivery one. You can add many action places like Admittance, Servicing, Appointment, Admitting and you can increase these action places. You can compose a crew by choosing the staffs being interested in the products in the service. So you have chosen which staff does the related action. 



     When the staff enters the system with own user informations, there is work order list on the screen related with the tasks under the Tasks button. So the staff prioritizes the work orders according to the priority. There comes the next action by entering the pieces or labors for the products. In this way the product reaches to the Delivery stage by passing all the action places gradually. You can watch how many hours the staff has worked under the scheduling button.