Teknik Servis Programı

Work Order and Management

     The list of the coming products to the service are gathered under the Work orders. A new work order are composed for new register coming to the service. You can watch the list of the work orders under the Service menu. The critic and the emergency works are critically important by choosing the work priority. Create a crew from the chosen staffs and define which crew will do the action while creating the work order. 

The staff sees the assigned work orders in the list when he/she enters the service module with his/her own user informations. You can add the pieces and the labors will be used into the service movement by entering the work order. You can add he related pictures coming to the service under the picture tab. After you choose the piece and labors in the work order, send the start date, date of completion, techinician under the Action button. Correspondingly you can make the changes about the action place in the work order list under the service. 


Teknik Servis ProgramıStaff Following 


     You can print the work orders in three separate forms. You can turn the used pieces and the labors into the waybill and the invoice and apply into the current account at the touch of a button. You can present it as a offer to your customer or transfer it to the Malfunction module. You can communicate it to the supplier firm. You can watch which staff works how many hours under the technician working hours. You make your employees happy with the bonus application according to the performance.