Magaza Programı

Webticari Sale Management

     You can choose the customer payment informations, you can do on the only screen cash amount, credit card payment and installment in Webticari Stores during the sale. You can reflect many informations like the stock situstion in the warehouse, order amounts taken before, payment types and the interest to the amount without closing the sale screen. 


Magaza Programı     You can make the profit analysis on the screen; if you make the sale under the cost of the product, it warns you. You can use all the foreign exchange in all the documents related wtih the sale. You can use central bank rate or your rate. If you want, you can increase the rates desirable percentage by adding the enhancement percent to the rates. You can define the payment plans according to the payment types like Cash, Cheque, Bond, Credit Card, Installment. You can take the payment by choosing the payment type inside the document.  




Magaza Programı

Document Management

     You can record the bonus systems with the plasiyer description in the documents. The managers can see the many actions like momentary sales, endorsement and profits, amounts in the cash box, staff performance informations in the manager panel. You can follow the cheque payments and installment payments with the agenda application. You can end the oblivion and dismissal of proceedings and give the task following and follow them.Opening new sections isn't a nightmare and you can start to work at the other sections; you can take the business in your hands at home, at hotel, in the car by using the web software. You can compose the customer cards, increase the sale by composing the point and the promotions, bring the customer satisfaction in the foreground. You can plan the business situation (profit&loss, endorsement, situation, payment) daily, weekly, monthly and annual with the graphic reports.





The Cash Box and The Bank

     You can take the cash box and the bank reports momentary or end of the day. The amounts in the bank statement, credit card payments waiting in the frozen can be listed on the only screen. Time bound card installment agreements with the bank and the interest rates belonging to them, the gift points can be given. The amounts can be imported from the section cash box to the head ones end of the day. Manage the stocks Magaza Programıactive, speed, profitability and the most important thing is supply chain management are critically important. Webticari Software retail solutions has been developed special for the present retail applications to all the fields of the sector the integrated solutions. You can do the sale in the cash box and the payment actions at the same time with POS module special for the stores and the cash boxes. You can apply the various payment types limited at the only shopping like cash, on instalments, credit card, on instalments open account, foreign exchange etc. You can increase the sale with shopping opportunity with the point with the usage easiness to your loyal customers. 


Magaza Programı     You can control the active financing controlling of the payment tools like open account, credit card at the back office with the active following.