About Us

The firm established in 2006 to make software Research and Development Department. In 2007, the kind of the online commercial apllications were developed. The firm decided to develop its specialization at this area and spent its capital for this project. After the two-year-work result, it finished the webticari application working on the internet and spent its energy about developing it.  

Our firm has developed a softwiare in a new technology area on the mobile computer like (PDA). It has gained online web software to the market working out of the pda. 

Our firm will continue to gain the job opportunity to the young people of our country. It has accepted the future is in the software technology to gain foreign currency to the country. So it is working at these projects. 


Our Vision 

Webticari has developed an integrated software including all industry-specifics. It is ready to be the common commercial software used on the internet. We want to be your information step in the commercial life that you can access from everywhere and every electronic place. We are determined to do that you have imagined, to plan that you haven't imagined with a strong substructure, new technology and systematic coding. 

 Our aim is to make the name of Webticari answer of the software. 


Our Mission

Webticari believes that the commercial life should continue with web-based in the 21st century. It provides you to control everything by crossing the frontier in the business management. It gathers all the software that you need and it provides the customer to deal out with a technologic substructure, to forward with the strong steps in the commercial life. 


Our Strategy

We access you with the trusty solution partners that they are the best. We work by respecting our job. 


Why Webticari? Why Online Software?

The business fronts to the online software instead of the classic commercial software. So you can save the time, staff, fuel and expense and the profitability and the quality increase in the global business world. Our firm which analyses the necessities in this field has presented the webticari application to the market.  

You can work apart from the office; especially at home, at work, in the ship or car with your desktop, laptop computer and mobile computer. Webticari is easy usage, practic, and secure software which develops itself and dynamic. 

Your staff who has never used the computer will sale by touching. Youe sections aren't far away, they will be in your hands. 

Webticari application works as web browser apart the operating system. The data stolen because of the virus, robbery, and fire; are saved in our data base has been never a damage.

Don't waste time to see the difference between the its rivals, to have the commercial programme comfort, to take your job into the control and to take a part in webticari family. Keep in touch with the recognized dealer, use it by buying free demo user and pay it later. 


How Can I Trust?

Server hostings are;

270 m2 utilizable data center area

2 x 200 KVA Spared Socomec GreenPower Uninterruptible Power Supply 

2 x 10 Gbit Superonline

2 x 250 KVA Spared Generator

2 x 174.000 BTU Alarko Carrier Air-Conditioner

7/24 KVM Over IP support


The Security Between The Browser And The Server

Secure socket layers called SSL is a technology let you to do connection between server and client. It is about cryphography system. The most common usage is in the web between the server and the browser one (like Internet Explorer). All data is spared .