Auxiliary Programmes

Webticari Windows V.18 You can use Webticari in the Windows operating system in your computer as local. You can get your license name and password from Webticari call center.  Download
AppServ Installation It provides you to use your computer as local web server.  Download
Webticari Browser You can use Webticari without browser as desktop software. Download
WebMobile WebMobile provides you to work online and offline in the portabel terminals. Via this software, your staff can make cold and hot sale by integrating Webticari in the zone.  Download
Webticari Portable Terminal (Remote Desktop) You can do the counting, order, demand, purchase actions via portable terminals in Webticari applications via remote desktop connection.  Download
Webticari Print SRV It is required to take the orders applications of Webticari restaurant and RDP automatically Download
Webticari Linux You can access all required list to use Webticari out of Linux operating system. Download
Webticari Local Control Webticari is an integrated software installing on the computer in the local applications. It is necessary in the Restaurant, Cash Register, Balance Applications.  Download
Webticari Restaurant Pda It provides Webticari Restaurant Applications to work with portable terminals.  Download
Webticari Android Offline It provides Webticari to use with android device. Download
Webticari Android Online It provides Webticari to use with android device. Download
Webticari E-Invoice E-Invoice Signature Control Download
Webticari Local Service It can be used to print the barcode, invoice without making preview on Windows based computer. Download
Webticari Portable Terminal Online You can work online mobile with Portable Terminal Online Application.  Download


B2C Opencart It is a shopping script working integrated with online order module. Download
Hugin 425TX - Facit 495 Cash Register You can transfer the products from Webticari to Hugin 425TX ve Facit 495 Cash registers, transfer the sales to Webticari.  Download
Pocket PC It provides you to control the portable terminal out of the PDA and Portable Terminal by connecting from the computer.  Download
Label View It provides you to take the label designs and printout. (you can use it to prepare webticari label worksheet) Download
Sharp 495 Cash Register It saves the all required files for Sharp cash register integration.   Download
BullZip pdf Creater It turns the written screen into the pdf format. Download
Webticari Support Far desktop programme Download
Alpemix Far desktop programme Download
Ammyy Support Far desktop programme Download
TeamViewer Far desktop programme Download
Cross Loop Far desktop programme Download