Webticari Production Programme-Webticari Production Automation

Üretim Programı

The Production Is Under The Control

     For full authority in your business, production module includes that intermediate product stocks, waste allowance, waste are followed with the alternative usage work orders. You can have the opportunities about the fast anticipated cost following, checkout of your company integrated with the barcode system, all maintenances of the production machines and the tables. 




     You can control all the actions about your business everywhere because it is web-based. You don't need to pay any extra cost. You can import the special form and actions to the computer with addition softwares for your business.You can control the Input/Output time of your staff with the detailed staff following system. 


The Advantages Of Webticari ProductionÜretim Programı


There is no server cost because it is web-based.

Examination momentary stock situation 

Warranty following - Barcode following - Barcode Printing 

Detailed & Simple Production - Special Operation Templates for the Business - Agenda Task Assignment

Detailed Current Account - Cash Box, Cheque/Bond, Bank

Spared Part, Labor Following, Waste Allowance Following

You can assess the performance of the staff

Machine Parking Following - Sale Unit Actions with CRM Module

You can report the actions about the products

You can print the stock & customer list and import the reports to excell or send e-mail.